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Please Note: the subject matter of this website may not be suitable for all audiences. Adult supervision is advised.

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Self-Cleansing: In need of an inner cleanse? Check it out HERE!

Home Blessing/Cleansing:  We have been helping clients with House Cleansings lately. Need some Help? Contact us! We personalize every cleanse according to your faith. Some of our methods: HERE

Ghost/History Walks in Vancouver 2020: Ever wondered about Vancouver's oldest neighbourhoods? The history? It's spirit(s)? Check "History Walks in Vancouver" hosted by our friend, James Johnstone.

Kati Ackermann, VSPI, collaborates with James on Ghost-focused walks: March 7th 10am - Through the Wild/Working Side of the East End // & March 14th 10am - East End/Strathcona

Reserve your spot here: Link  (Limited space available.)

Read: Blogspot articles. We add new articles on a regular basis, featuring our research on convicts buried at New Westminster's "Boot Hill Cemetery" (the Old BC Penitentiary Cemetery), the once forgotten & hidden sacred acre. Keep updated & please make a comment! We also blog about investigations and other journeys.


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Team photos above from top, clockwise: Kati, John, Jules & Natasha

About Us!

Mission Statement: Be an advocate for our clients; and through the use of technology, innovative, and unconventional methods, research the paranormal; while providing means for protection & peaceful resolve.


VSPI is a small Vancouver paranormal investigative group based in the West End.  VSPI is made up of a group of people of all walks of life, some experienced, others just learning.

VSPI walks into every situation with an open mind, a need to rule out the obvious and explore the "unexplained".


VSPI is compassionate, trusted, honest and energetic.  We do not claim to be experts or scientists of the paranormal field, nor do we alter any evidence we collect.  We do not "clear" homes, buildings, businesses or sites of paranormal activity; however, upon request we will assist in finding/performing the right house blessing/cleansing for you.  Our passion is to aid our clients in finding peace of mind, a resolve, and taking back their home.  We may connect with mediums, who provide us with assistance on select investigations.


VSPI is as curious as you are, to answer the age old question: "what happens after we die?"


"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson, poet


VSPI respects your privacy & confidentiality.  We will not publicize any information without the permission of the client.
VSPI does
NOT charge a fee for investigations within the Greater Vancouver area.  We may ask for you to cover the cost of home blessing/cleansing materials (approx. cost $20Cdn); and we accept gifts towards travel costs and the upkeep/purchase of equipment.  Please ask how you can donate.  If requesting us to travel outside of our area, assistance with travel costs may be necessary.  Remember, the funding to our passion and investigations is at the cost of the team.  Your donation is truly appreciated!

VSPI is a not for profit group/team (non-profit).


We thank YOU for visiting our website.  No questions are "stupid". We are looking for answers, just like you.  We are here to understand, confirm your feelings, lend support and look into all possibilities before we suggest any site is "haunted".


Feel free to send us a message via our "Contact" page,Happy "hauntings"!  Thank You!  From your VSPI team,

               Kati and John, Jules & Natasha


Note: What sets us apart from other teams?  Our passion to assist our clients, and ability to find historical research materials that often fit to help explain the "unexplained experiences".


VSPI Friends & Adventures!

Photo: James Johnstone & Kati (VSPI) on History Walks in Vancouver - March 16, 2019

Join in on a History Walk through old Vancouver  neighbourhoods such as Mount Pleasant, Strathcona, & West End, with private tours also available.

2020 Dates: March 7th & 14th @ 10am.  Book early: 


Photo: Vancouver Prime Timers welcomed VSPI with open arms at their monthly meeting for our Presentation "Let's Talk Ghosts" in West End. (Sept14/2014) -> Thank you VPTs!

Photo: Exploring the Sub-basement of a West End, Vancouver apartment building with tenants; the scene of a murder in the early 1980s. (Oct17/2015)

Photo: Midway Cemetery in southern BC. Read about our Sept/Oct 2016 adventure along the Crowsnest Hwy #3 Here!

Photo: Gastown on Water St, Vancouver BC. outside of Spaghetti Factory, by Kati Ackermann (2015)

Photo: Exploring Alcatraz. Main Cell House, overlooking the San Francisco Bay, on the top of the Rock. (Jan07/2016)

Check out of Blog - "Visit to Alcatraz"

Photo: Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco. We stayed a night in this "haunted" hotel. Read our Blog! (Jan.01, 2018)

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