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VSPI received numerous requests for methods of cleansing oneself.  Not only have we researched this topic, and discussed the results with clients who have used them; we continue to investigate other theories and methods to add.  We cannot promise any methods described below will be successful for you.  However, they are a beginning, and through trial you will be able to adopt what works for you. Place your personal changes to them to empower you with comfort of cleansing, clarity and protection.


VSPI will lend support by: talking you through it, and/or helping you perform a smudging, adding prayer (fashioned to your faith), and encouraging you to try different methods to move forward in finding peace. We are here to help you heal!

==> Note: we've added some prayers you may wish to use below the methods listed. Please check them out!


Let us know of your progress, and/or share what methods you use, to help us build a more thorough library for all. Email us via our "Contact" page.  Thank You!

1)  Take a Bath:
Sea salt is used to neutralize not only the environment but also oneself.  Use  2 cups of unrefined sea salt (you can find it in coarse & fine grades), and mix in fresh herbs (ie: basil, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage and cinnamon) to give it a lovely scent (optional).  The main ingredient is the sea salt.
A)  Draw a warm bath.
B)  Next you want to say a short prayer while holding your hands over the water.  You can use any cleansing prayer/psalm/poem of faith, or try this suggested chant: "Salt and water purify, Negative energy where it lies, Cleanse my body tress to toe. As I will now, make it so!"
C)  Then, completely immerse yourself several times.  Make sure your entire body is under water each time.  You may use drops of water from your fingertips on your closed eyes, nostrils etc. if you fear submerging your face.
=> Remember salt may sting on open cuts or abrasions. Perhaps wait until they scar over before trying this.

D)  When completed, drain the bath, but don’t step out yet. Close your eyes, as the water drains. Visualize all the things that are troubling you, and see them leaving your body and draining with the water, until every drop of is gone.  Then you're ready to get out and dry yourself.


2)  Smudging with Sage: (preferably white sage) a powerful way to remove negative energy from yourself. You can do this daily, weekly, monthly basis or whenever you feel a need. It can be very helpful in keeping yourself balanced, especially if you work, or are around, people who are suffering poor emotional health on a regular basis.

A)  Place a few leaves in a fire proof container (I like to use a homemade ceramic bowl) or a albacore shell, and light the leaves or light the bundle. The flame should go out and the sage will begin to smoulder.  -OR-  Take a small smudge stick, light the end so it flames, then blow it out after a moment. The stick should begin to smoke.

B)  Fan the smoke with your hand or  a feather. (One week I noticed crows were dropping feathers around me, so I kept them and created a fan using masking tape & glue.)

C)  Say a blessing of protection, or prayer, as you smudging yourself.  Start by fanning the smoke from the top of your head to your feet.

==> Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh and Palo Santo also work to remove negativity.

3)  Use a glass or cereal sized bowl of water with a tablespoon or two of sea salt in it:

A)  Set in a corner of your room, under your bed, or near your desk or working table to capture negative energies.  Basically, place it in any space that you frequently sit, relax, work, and/or sleep in.

B)  Dump and replace each day.  Be sure to dump it outside of your home, in the garden or down a storm drain.  You want to take the negative energy away from your living area.

==>  Dumping to Mother Earth helps change the negative to positive energy.



​4)  White candles:  They truly work to remove negative energy as long as this is your goal. However, our suggestion is to use this method after another (ie: bath or smudging) to add its power.

A)  Light a candle in the area you frequent most (IE: your bedroom, working or sitting area), and say a prayer of protection, or this suggested chant: "O Great Creator, protect me from all harm, seen and unseen."

B)  Allow the candle to burn for at least one hour.

C)  What I strongly suggest, to promote "love, faith & healing" back into your space, is to light a Pink candle for an hour afterwards.  Add a prayer asking your faith to help in flooding the room with good light energy. IE: "O Great Creator, help fill my soul and space with love and healing, allowing me to breathe again."

==> Add scents to the candles such as lavender, vanilla, lemon and cinnamon. This may be more helpful.



​5)  Music:  We all have a vibration; therefore, it makes sense that music helps to realign our soul.

A)  Play an instrument, sing, or simply put on your favorite music for at least one hour.

B)  Take this time to think of all that you wish for, rather than what you don’t want in your life. Positives versus negatives. Bring in the goodness, rather than promote the bad.

==>  This may help to re-tune your space and your spirit.


6)  White Light:  Intention plays a large roll in all your methods, therefore, think about "protecting" yourself.

A)  Close your eyes and visualize a bubble of brilliant white light surrounding you from head to toe. If this proves to be difficult, light a candle, look at it for a few moments. Then close your eyes. You should see the flame. Now imagine this surrounding your entire body, starting at your head and anchoring it at your feet.

B)  Imagine this light getting brighter and brighter until it creates a barrier of protection around you.

C)  Depending upon your religious beliefs, you can simply say a prayer or ask for your guides and angels to continue to surround you with the white light to keep you from harm and negative influences.

==>  You can also do this for others, including pets, and even your home when you get good at it.



7)  Draw a border of salt.

A)  Take sea salt and create a border around your room.

B)  Pull your bed from the wall, be sure to sprinkle along all four walls (not too thick just enough to create a thin line). Don't forget your enterance doorway.

C)  Sprinkle on window shelves and along wall of the inside of your closet. (Pull out your belongings from the floor of your closet. Sprinkle a salt line around the bottom border of the closet.)

D)  Once completed, you may add to any area for a thicker line.

E)  Don't vacuum for at least 2-3 days, then redo. Keep this up until you feel the negative energy has dispelled, but don't allow "it" to tell you when to vacuum. You don't want it to reclaim its power.

==>  Note, if a border is something you cannot do, you may sprinkle salt in the four corners of the room to represent the East, West, North & South.



Now that we've discussed some self cleansing methods, let's talk about prayers you may use.  Please keep in mind, the prayers and chants below are only a suggestion. It all depends on your faith, and your intention to cleanse and rid yourself of negative energy.  This can only work if you "Intend on Cleansing", and de-clutter your life.


==>  Important: a cluttered room/living space attracts negative energy.  Get organized, ask for help, and please don't feel ashamed. Often negative energy brings us down, and we forget or are too tired to clean up after ourselves. No matter what the reason, take a deep breath, and begin with garbage (things you can throw away - get a large garbage bag & remove it from your space/home immediately), then move on to other items. A good rule to follow is "if you've not needed it in the last year, then you probably won't need it again". Place "not needed" items in a box and give them to charities (if in good shape & recyclable), friends, family, or pack them in storage if you can't give them up. It will bring you a sense of relief and release once completed, and open your special space allowing light to flow in. This is essential for healing to begin.


Let us know what method(s) works for you, and if you added your personal spin on them. Thank you.

1) Christian Prayer:

==>  Psalms has some beautiful prayers you can recite. I particularily point to Psalms 23, 40 (vs. 12-17), 61, 64, 70 and so on. If you use Psalms, do not forget to say a prayer of "praise" afterwards.

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for peace, joy and love to flood me, flow through me and fill me with your Spirit.  I cast out the negativity that lies within me; take it away and replace it with Your Love. For You are my Saviour, my Light, my Protector and my Lord.  Amen."

After the cleansing: 
"O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I thank you for cleansing me.  I ask that You protect me from all attacks of negative spirits and energy, demons and lost souls. I ask you to release Your Kingdom into my heart, my soul, and my life. Help me to stay strong and clean within. I Praise you Lord, Thank you for saving me, and give you my undying Faith and Trust.  Amen."


2)  Prayer to Michael the Archangel:

==>  This can be used whenever you feel negativity surround you, or whenever you feel fear, no matter of the reason. A number of faiths believe in St. Michael or Archangel Michael. IE: Judaism, Christianity & Islam.

"Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do Thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen."


3)  Hindu:
==> Water is very powerful for purification and cleansing.  Therefore, Method #1 (above) is best.

The purpose of Hindu prayer is to cleanse the mind and soul of impurities. To replace it with balance &  harmony to one's self and the world.  A prayer session may contain a variety of mantras, yoga and meditation.  The faith is based on principles which may include: truth, joy, patience, generosity, and humility. These principles are repeated throughout the prayers.

The Gayatri Mantra is the most central prayer of Hinduism:

"O God the Giver of life, Remover of pains and sorrows, Bestower of happiness, and Creator of the universe. Thou art most luminous, pure and adorable. We meditate on Thee. May Thou inspire and guide our intellect in the right direction."


4)  Pagan, Wiccan, Modern Living:

There are so many spells and chants that may work.. and after pouring through books, online sites and talking with people, I suggest the following:

A)  Herb Bath ==> Use Basil in the bath.  I like to use fresh herbs, and I suggest you do the same. You can get these from your garden, or any grocery store in the produce section.  Take at least 6 tablespoons of Basil, chopped fine, and add it to a coffee maker (I use a coffee press - add hot water & let it fuse for 4 minutes), add water and while the infusion brews, draw your bath.  While adding it to your bath, chant: "Basil, herb of light and day, wash negative energy completely away."  Soak at least 6 minutes, emerse yourself at least 4 times, and visualize yourself being washed clean of all negative energy.

B)  Salt Bath ==>  Add 2 cups of sea salt to a full bath.  Place your hands over the water and chant: "Salt and water purify, negative energy where it lies. Cleanse my body tress to toe. As I will now, make it so!"

C)  General Protection ==> dap a bit of lavender oil behind your ears each day.


5)  First Nations Prayer:

==>  Native persons pray to the Great Creator, therefore you can fashion a prayer to ask for blessings and cleansings from the Earth, the Heavens, the Moon, Sun, Air, Creatures and Animals, and all that is created; for man is part of Earth. 

"Negativity that invades my sacred body and place, I banish you away with the light of my grace.  You have no hold or power here, for I stand and face you with no fear.  Be gone forever, for this I will say.  This is my sacred body and place, and you will obey."

==> We found this prayer from the Anglican Church for First Nations Communities, and thought it can be powerful (Source: Huron LAIC (Lenni-Lenape, Algonkian, Iroquoian Council of the Diocese of Huron)):

"O Great Creator, cleanse our hearts of all stain from sin and brokenness, that we may walk with you along the good road, your holy way. Purify our minds, that we may be guided by your holy word. Clear our eyes, that we may see the goodness you have created. Open our ears that we may hear your voice. Make our souls one with yours, that we may worship you in spirit and in truth, and love you with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. May our hearts always beat as one with yours, through your Great Messenger, your Son, Jesus.  Amen."


6)  Buddhist Purification Mantra:
==>  When you chant, do so with intention of cleansing, purifying and raising your consciousness. Keep your voice and thought vibration strong and focused.  Sit in a peaceful and quiet place.  If possible repeat 108 times. If not, do what you can. It's best to do it with conviction than a wandering mind. Here is the shortened version.

"Om vajra sattva hum"



NOTE ==>  We are in the process of finding more prayers to support the different faiths of our World. Your help is needed: If you have a prayer or chant you'd like to share with us, please use our "Contact" page. We will review and post it with your permission.  Thank you!

Additional Protection Against Negative Energy:


Here is a short list of some Crystals & Stones that may assist you in getting a good night's sleep and protection throughout your days & nights:

Obsidian  - a protective stone that can repel unwanted energy.  It can also be used to create a barrier against negativity if used in arrow head form, and placed around a room (or building) with the tips pointing outward.

Labradorite - protects and balances your aura and can reduce stress and anxiety. Wear it in a pocket on your person.

Black Tourmaline - a very powerful crystal used to repel negative energy and create psychic armour. Carry this on your person, and place it at your bedside or under your mattress or pillow for extra protection at night. It is also thought to help those who travel from jet lag.

Hematite - thought to dissolve negative energy and transmute it into positive. It is also thought to be good for centering and grounding one's self. Carry it with you or place it in areas you believe it can be effective.


Next Steps:


Now that you have completed your cleansing, keep up with the organization of your room and yourself. Reach out to us, your friends or family, if you feel you need extra support.  Use the cleansing methods as often as you feel needed.  You should feel light flow into your life, a peacefulness flood you, and a sense of relief and joy enter your heart.

If, for any reason, this is not working for you, then perhaps you need some additional help.  It never hurts to contact a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, and/or your faith's ministers/elders to aid you in moving forward, resolving what struggles you may be facing within. It is nothing to be ashamed about. All of us face stress related incidences in our lives that can attract negative energy.  Reaching out for help does not diminish who you are.

==>  Remember, for any of the cleansing methods to work, you must believe in what you are doing, have the intention to move forward and to rid yourself of the darkness.

We wish you good health, light and love! Keep in touch.. we'd really like to know of your progress. Thank you!

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