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EVIDENCE: 2013 - 2014

Please wear your headphones to get an accurate account of the EVPs.

Spring Hill Cemetery -- VSPI visits this cemetery each year.  There is something magical about it.  When we first enter, you can feel a buzz of energy rising, as if the spirits come up to welcome you.  It is tucked away, difficult to find, and within an area of residences and farms. We have found a website dedicated to it, outlining the history & more. We will continue to visit this fascinating and unique cemetery, if not to pick up spirit activity, but to find peace.

Website: Spring Hill 

Spring Hill - "Kate, she can't"

EVP of woman @ 5 secs - Kati was drawn to a grave of a woman. She asked out for interaction. This was the response. As if another woman was with her saying "Kate, she can't". Incredible.

Wingo Ghost Town -  On December 29, 2013 two of our investigators visited this interesting little ghost town.  It was a surprising afternoon.  After a beautiful 45 minute walk from our parked car, along a wide dirt path, we found the tiny town deserted. A caretakers house was next door, but it appeared there was no one home. So we wandered between the buildings and sat in one area performing EVPs. We had to walk on wooden planks that were beginning to fall apart, as this little town was built above a water line on the sloughs of Sonoma Creek.  Built in 1850, it was once known as "Norfolk" but renamed by the Sonoma Valley Railroad, and served as a bustling train station stop for steamer passengers from San Francisco. Now it is just a cluster of cabins, workshops, barns and a train trestle  It is a part of Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area overseen by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Here is a link to a YouTube video we enjoyed before visiting this spot.

Wingo - "Maintenance"
Wingo - "Oh"
Wingo - "Ollie"

EVP of man stating "maintenance" @ 8 secs - when we asked what type of work they did there.

EVP of voice saying "oh" @ 3 secs - heard underneath one investigator, then the other asks if she heard somebody talking

EVP of voice saying "Ollie" @ 17 secs - when asked to introduce themselves.

Wingo - "Riding on the monorail"
Wingo - "Guess me not"

EVP of voice "riding on the monorail" at 7 secs - when asked not to be afraid to come talk with us.

EVP of voice saying "Guess me not" @ 12 secs - when we were getting ready to leave & wiping mud off our shoes.

Interestingly, as we were leaving, walking on the wooden planks back to the gravel road, we heard footsteps behind us. We had just gotten off the wooden planks, and were adjusting our backpacks. Without notice we clearly heard someone walking on those planks towards us, as if to join us on our long walk back to the car. Unfortunately we did not capture this on recorder as we had turned them off. We did a protection circle before entering the town, and upon leaving. No spirit was found in the car ride home. Lesson - keep your recorders rolling untl you are completely out of the area!

Private Investigation - September 2014:

In September we were called out to a private home in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant district. The claims were of constant doorbell ringing, and a shadow woman was seen in a small room facing the street.  The investigator brought along a medium, who did a walk through of the upper level of the home, as this was the space the tenants occupied.  The medium picked up 3 spirits visiting the home, and through research we found her reading to be accurate.  A brother/sister team and a relative of one of the tenants.

The brother/sister team - Henry & Eliza were in visitation for a good reason.  They lived in the house from 1918 to 1934 with another sister, Florence, and their nephew, Robert.  The nephew married and moved out of the home in 1925; however, after a few years his name disappeared from directory listings, leaving only his wife. Upon further investigation, it was found Robert was entered into an asylum, Riverview (called Essondale at the time), and passed on in 1960 due to complications with blood & kidney infections.  It is believed Eliza was not aware of this.  She passed away 2 years later in a hospital that no longer stands, due to heart problems she had been experiencing for 3 years. The medium advised she needed to know what had happened to her nephew.  Her brother was keeping an eye on her. The description given of Eliza matched that of the tenant's sighting. Once in the small room, the investigator read Robert's death certificate with compassion.  The charged air in the room fell flat. The medium confirmed Eliza had moved on now that she had what she wanted.


VIDEO (EVP) - listen to the sound @ 0:58 seconds & repeated @ 1:12mins.


The relative ringing the doorbell was believed to be a Grandfather of one of the tenants.  She had been going through stress, and had been experiencing doorbell ringing in a previous rental unit.  The investigator called out and asked him to stop (note: the investigator is related to the tenant, and the daughter of the Grandfather), explaining he was causing further stress.


Conclusion - since VSPI's visit, there are further sightings and the doorbell ringing has stopped.


History - The home was built in 1911 and the family believed to be in visitation had lived there for 16 years.  It is now broken up into 3 different rental suites and the upper levels, underwent renovations prior to the tenants moving in during the summer of 2014.

Fish Hatchery - "Yes"

EVP of voice saying "Yes" @ 6 secs - when asked if "he" is the spirit felt at the arrival of the investigators.

Fish Hatchery - "Yes"

Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery - on December 29th, 2014, we drove to the hatchery to explore and because they read about "hauntings" reported in this area.  Here is a link to the story @ .  Fortunately, the day was warm, blue skies with fluffy clouds and relatively quiet. The staff at the Visitor's Centre is lovely and very informative. After being shown around, the investigators went on a walk of the grounds.


Claims - Apparition of elderly Native American couple is seen on the grounds. Acitivity is reported in the Visitor's Centre, and other "ghostly" occurances have been reported in the area.


Historical Information provided by Visitor's Centre - the Native Americans of the area have lived here for over 10,000 years.  This is the home of the Dry Creek, Cloverdale, Kashia Pomo people and used the Russian River watershed for hunting, fishing and harvesting native plants.  Mexican and American settlers arrived in the 1800s and the Native people were forcibly removed.


Experiences - One of the investigators felt a jolt of energy pass through her upon arrival in the parking lot.  She experienced a feeling that told her a male was present. On the walk by the fish ladders, the investigators sat on a bench and performed an EVP session.  Leaving a digital recorder on the bench, the girls asked questions.  One investigator felt the same man's presence in this area.  Questions were asked and the use of a pendulum was used. Two EVPS were caught.


Conclusion - the land is sacred and special to all mankind, especially the Native Americans. Spiritual energy surrounds the land of days gone by and the memories it presents.  If there is a Native couple wandering the place, it may be out of respect and protection.  This place is a wonderful learning centre, and should you visit, please take in its beauty, the peace, and its protection of this very important ecosystem. Be respectful.

EVP of voice saying "Yes" @ 4 secs - when asked if "she" walks at "his" side.

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