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EVIDENCE: 2014-2021

Please wear your headphones & boost the volume to get an accurate account of the EVPs.

VSPI visits many historical places each year, performs research and looks for clues to aid them in understanding EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) & other evidence gathered during their visits.


Reminder: due to privacy and confidentiality, we will not reveal some names and locations. However, we can give you a little background to go with each EVP.


More evidence will be added soon.

Alcatraz (Federal Penitentiary 1934-1963) -- VSPI visited this island prison in January 2016 for a 5 hour period. Although we arrived on a boat load of people, we found that we could separate ourselves from the tourist crowd once we waited for them to clear the area to move on elsewhere. This gave the two investigators a chance to perform evidence gathering using digital recorders and electromagnetic field instruments.

What became the focus of the investigation were the D Block cells, known as"the Treatment Unit" or "the Hole". It was where the most dangerous criminals spent time, some in total darkness. The block included six closed-front cells (used for the most severe disciplinary problems, solitary confinement) which had two sets of doors; the outer one being solid with only a small grated window, while the inner one was a barred door like the cells in other blocks.

Please read our Blog for information on the Penitentiary and the team's account of what they experienced, discovered and research they performed.

Below, find the one & only EVP they gathered while in Cell #14 of D Block.

January 2016 - I'm Not Happy

EVP of male spirit @ 7 secs - Investigator remarks to the other that she looks different in Cell #14. A male responds. No one was present in the D Block at the time, other than the 2 investigators.

Cemeteries in Sonoma County, California

Note: to protect the families of the deceased, we will not disclose the names of the cemetery markers at the grave sites where we picked up the following EVPs.

January 2016 - A Cry is Heard

EVP of a cry @ 6 secs - Evergreen Cemetery -Investigators found a rock circle. Wondering who was buried there, they used a pendulum to assist. However, what seems to be a baby crying is heard in the recording (not with their ears). Birds were recorded in the area, but none sounded like this cry, nor were their animals around at the time.

January 2016 - Yes

EVP of male spirit @ 2 secs - Fulton Cemetery -

At a gravesite, the investigator asks for contact and a voice is heard responding. Only two investigators were present at this cemetery.

January 2016 - Yes

EVP of male spirit @ 2 secs - Fulton Cemetery -

At the same gravesite, the investigator requests the spirit to speak loudly into the recorder she has in her hand. A positive response is heard.

Boot Hill Cemetery - aka "BC Penitentiary Cemetery", New Westminster, BC

This cemetery was in use from 1913 - 1968 when the last unclaimed body of an imate was interred. For more information & for links to our blogs on the convicts, check the bottom of our Evidence Page.

March 2016 - Yes

EVP of male spirit @ 4 secs - sitting at gravemarker #1475, known to be Frank Wilson, died on July 20, 1967 at the age of 72, serving life sentence as a habitual criminal after 44 petty convictions. The investigator pointed out her EMF (electromagnetic field device), advising she had used it on a prior visit and hoping he would manipulate it with his prescence.. a response is heard. The EMF did spike during the session at his gravesite. Only two investigators were present at this cemetery.

Circa 1935-Cordova & Cambie (photo courtesy VPL Archives)

Note- SGW is situated to the far left, last shop in the buildings shown. The Brinsmead Block to the right with J.W. Horne block attached on

left side. Addresses: 301-312 Cordova W. See below photo of today.

Salmagundi West - 321 Cordova St. West, Vancouver BC

After the Great Fire of 1886, where Vancouver (mainly Gastown at the time) was destroyed, a building frenzy began. The J.W. Horne Block was in building mode in 1888 & completed in 1889. Salmagundi West housed some interesting people and companies. Such as bankers, shipping company brokers, and teamsters (horses & hauling <<-- although the horses were kept in a building on Beatty). After the Asian Riots of 1907 rampaged through Chinatown and nearby areas, the site housed real estate brokers, a messanger service & a light moving company, clothes cleaners, hat shop cleaners, parcel delivery, and a tailor shop. Salmagundi West moved into the space in 1973 and became a well known, sought after Antiques, Oddities, and Novelties shop. Anne Banner (owner) welcomed VSPI, sharing a host of interesting stories & accounts they've experienced over the years. We now have

amazing new friends, and enjoy visiting the shop from time to time.

If you are ever in the area, please drop by and say hello!


In the News:

BlogSpot: <<-- from our first investigation.


Claims Reported: voices heard, objects move, shadows seen, a feeling someone is watching or standing nearby, footsteps, uneasy feelings, mediums have confirmed several entities and past owners are in visitation, plus more!

Evidence Captured: during our 2nd visit to SWG, we were fortunate to capture evidence we had been unable to substantiate in a previous investigation. Due to the thin walls, investigating this space is best done when the city is asleep, as sounds can bleed through from the street and alley which border the shop. Below find our EVPs and a short description of what happened.

Salmagundi West - Female Whisper

EVP of female whisper @ 2 secs - a team member is heard speaking in the background, as the team prepares to investigate the basement area; however directly after, you hear a female whisper next to the recorder. What is she saying? To us it sounds like "Elizabeth". What do you think?

Salmagundi West - Big Bang

EVP of Big Bang - In the basement we call out to a previous owner and ask for confirmation of who he was. A big bang is heard in response.

Salmagundi West - Big Bang #2

EVP of Big Bang #2 - In the basement an investigator kept hearing whispers but couldn't make out whom they belonged to. A big bang is clearly heard. All investigators had been sitting still on a bench.

Salmagundi West - Here!

EVP of woman say "here" @ 11 secs - In the basement an investigator calls out to "talk to us" and a woman responds with "here"!

Salmagundi West - Tap

EVP of tap @ 18 secs - In the basement an investigator feels an Asian man who had his head in bandages was reaching out. She calls out & a tap is heard

Salmagundi West - No Problem

EVP of male responding @ 4 secs - In the basement an investigator thanks a previous inhabitant of the space, Gerald. You hear him respond. We believe he's saying "no problem". The voice was not heard at the time but captured on recording device.

Napa River Inn - Evening.jpg
1912, Apr04 - San Fran Chronicle, pg14 -

Queen Anne Hotel - 1590 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

In 1898, Senator James G Fair built an elegant boarding/finishing school for girls. In 1890 it opened as Mary Lake School for Girls, and was run by Miss Mary Lake, born in Little Falls, NY (Jul.15/1849). She moved with her family in the 1850s to San Francisco, where her father, Delos Lake, became a renowned lawyer. Soon after Senator Fair passed away (1894), in 1896, the school closed due to financial problems. Mary sold everything within the school in an auction and the Estate of Senator Fair took over and leased the property to a exclusive men's club called the Cosmos Club. Mary went on to teach school elsewhere in the city, but in 1904 news came that Mary had passed away while visiting her sister in Montclair, New Jersey.

The Queen Anne went through a number of changes. In the early-1980's it was sold and revived as a posh bed and breakfast known as the Queen Anne Hotel.

It is thought that during renovations, the hotel became alive with the "spirits" of the past, Mary Lake being the main one. For a detailed report, read our BLOG.

Claims Reported: being tucked into bed, cold spots, voices, Mary appearing in mirrors, being watched over, and breezes felt in room 410 (Mary's room). Other claims involve a man seen in the lobby area, and shadows in different areas of the building.

Evidence - We spent New Year's Eve in the grand Victorian era hotel. Guests were free to roam and explore. Staying up late, they discovered a staircase that led to the roof area, however was blocked off. Sitting quietly, they felt a breeze hit them (although no windows or drafty areas were nearby), and then experienced an electrical feeling pass through them. In the recordings they discovered voices unheard at the time. With no further occurrences, they enjoyed a wonderful evening and a comfortable stay.

If you are interested in staying at this wonderful hotel, please check it out! It is a piece of history in San Francisco's story.

Queen Ann, 4 Floor - 8 sec breath - VSPI EVP

EVP of "sigh" @ 8 secs - 2 Investigators discussing being naive about what is truly going on spiritually in the hotel. A breath is heard in the recording, but not with our ears. We were sitting on the staircase off the 4th Floor leading to nowhere in the early hours of the morning.

Qeen Anne, 4 Floor - 22 & 36 secs - giggle - VSPI EVP

EVP of "giggle" sounds @ 22 & 36 secs - The name "Karen" came to the investigators, and therefore they called out to come and talk. The giggle sounds were not heard at the time, but found them captured on our recording. This was while they were sitting on the staircase off the 4th Floor leading to nowhere in the early hours of the morning.

Napa River Inn - Napa, California

This beautiful Inn, garnered as a Historic Hotel of America Destination, was purchased by Captain Albert E Hatt (a German immigrant), owner of a steamship shipping company, and dates back to 1884. The Captain used the buildings to store goods in the warehouses, and constructed a wharf. When his shipping business slowed, the area reverted to the wine growing industry. The warehouses were originally used to store grains, seeds, coal,and animal feed; later used for wine storage. The Hatt Building (1886) housed a 2nd storey rollerskating rink, a library and more. It was also used as a public meeting place. In 2000, several buildings were restored and became the Napa River Inn. Today it is a resort with entertainment complex, and a beautiful place to stay & explore the region.

Evidence: While Some believe it to be haunted, 2 investigators checked in Jan/2019 for a night. It was an adventure. After continually hearing disturbances coming from the bathroom in their suite and the feeling of being watched, they investigated, catching an EVP. Albert Hatt Jr had committed suicide in the space just below their suite, now a bakery. Could this have been him? -- Note: the Inn is a safe & beautiful place to stay. Nothing there told our investigators it was of negative energy.

The Penthouse - 019 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC Canada

Vancouver's world famous club which officially opened in 1947. VSPI became the 1st team to investigate it.

In doing so, we documented the journey in a video, complete with interviews, history, and evidence gathered.

VSPI thanks Danny Philliponi and the entire Philliponi Family, the 4 brothers: Joe, Jimmy, Ross and Mickey; as well as author-Aaron Chapman, and the Penthouse crew for giving us the opportunity to explore this truly amazing building and discovering the treasures it holds.

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