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Please wear your headphones to get an accurate account of the EVPs.

Private Residence Investigations:  To protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, we will not share their personal information nor reveal their locations.  However, we are willing to share some of the EVPs gathered.


Note: as awareness grows, we've found a spike in private investigations.  We do not advise our clients that we "will remove" spirits from the home; however we are committed to do what is "right" for both our clients and the spirits.  Finding the reason for activity is crucial, and once this is determined and understood, we attempt to assist both client(s) and spirit(s) to move forward and find peace.  Whether this is conducted by our team, or a recommendation is made to bring in a specialist in the field, is determined at the conclusion of our investigation.

In saying this, we have found the majority of our private investigations have been resolved in finding the reason(s) for the "activity" and helping the spirit(s) to move on to their next phase in the afterlife.  Each case is unique, and we cannot guarantee that our methods will work nor end in "happiness" for everyone.  Often, we recommend a house blessing/cleansing once we leave the premises.  In certain cases, it is recommended the clients cleanse themselves as well. We will provide methods which have had a measurement of success, and ensure our client(s) are well equipped to perform them. We will assist in blessings/cleansings to guide our client(s).


Now it is time for you to put on your headphones and listen to the variety of EVPs we have captured in these homes. These are unexplained, and therefore labelled as paranormal.

November 2014 - "Santa Claus"

EVP using Spirit Box - our investigator requests the spirit(s) to repeat a phrase after him that is out of the norm. Listen to it repeat his words.

Note: a Spirit Box (we use a P-SB7) uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise, which theories believe assists spirit(s)/entities by providing the energy they need to communicate.

November 2014 - "I'm Les"

EVP of Spirit @ 26-27 secs - investigators attempt to connect with the spirit(s) and ask for a name. We hear "I'm Les"; however, the homeowner hears "I'm Dead". You decide.

December 2014 - "I'll Get You"

EVP of Spirit @ 3 secs - investigators were unpacking equipment & had a recorder running near the living room. This whisper was caught by 2 different recorders.

December 2014 - "Wow"
December 2014 - "Phyllis"
January 2015 - "Can't You Pray?"
March 2015 - "strange sounds"
March 2015 - "Not Quite or But Why?"
August 2015 - I Am Now

EVP of Spirit @ 7-8 secs - investigators ask homeowner about activity & she explains that she's never had anything nasty occur, a response is heard. Are spirits listening in?

EVP of Spirit @ 6 secs - the lead investigator reveals the property time line to the client. After she reveals a tenant's name from 1953, a spirit is heard repeating it.

EVP of Spirit @ 1 sec - investigators make suggestions to the tenants to pray; however, the spirit suggests it first!

EVP of Strange Sounds @ 6 secs & 11-13 secs - investigators with homeowners in downstairs talking about property time line. Recorder is upstairs on banister & strange sounds are heard directly next to it. Was someone upstairs nearby?

EVP of Spirit @ 10 secs - investigator asks the spirit to talk into the digital recorder. Voice is amplified. Is he responding: "not quite" or "but why" or?

EVP of Male Spirit @ 5 secs - investigator asks if spirit is sorry for what he did and he responds. Research found a murderer once frequented the home, visiting friends.

September 2016 - Female Voice
September 2016 - "Thank you"

EVP of Female Spirit - investigator advised spirit(s) that now was the time to leave as they would be cleansing the area. She is walking up the stairs from the basement as this EVP is picked up. What do you think she says?

EVP of Female Spirit - investigator is cleansing room & advising only good, light energy will remain. A female voice is heard saying "Thank you" behind her voice. Listen closely! We believe it's the same female as in the above EVP.. only this time it's in the baby's room.

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