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EVIDENCE: 2006 - 2013

Please wear your headphones to get an accurate account of the EVPs.

Haunted Washroom - In a Business Building, Vancouver BC

-- due to numerous reports from people working in the business building, we began investigating this "women's washroom" in Nov/08 and continue to visit every few months to see if anything more develops.

Reported to VSPI:

-- uneasy feelings, someone watching, unexplained noises, door opening on its own, tap turning on.

After Several Attempts, Our Findings Are:

-- a successful session with dowsing rods brought responses from a woman

-- research on the land showed factories nearby in late 1800's-early 1900's

-- an evp was caught of a "woman's singing voice"

-- high EMF readings found near floor & ceiling due to copper pipes

-- further investigations are pending (we drop in from time to time)

Haunted Loo - "Wait, don't go away"

Nov10'08 - EVP of "woman's singing voice" (don't go away) @ 3 secs

--not enhanced in any way. this EVP is in its original form

Photo - T. L. Harris 1880's - Courtesy of Sonoma County Library

FountainGrove Round Barn - abandoned winery. Sonoma County, California

--This abandoned winery is thought to be the home to several hauntings. One believed to be that of Thomas Lake Harris, creator of a commune community in about 1875 called "New Eden of the West", as the dark shadow man.  The land held 1400 acres, upon which stood several buildings, one of them a winery. Harris said that the wine prepared by himself was filled with the divine breath so that all noxious influences were neutralized.  He exacted complete surrender from his disciples, even of moral judgment. He taught that God was bisexual, and apparently, though not in reality, that the rule of society should be one of married celibacy. He professed to teach his community a change in the mode of respiration which was to be the visible sign of possession by Christ and the seal of immortality. Voices of women can also be heard, along with other unusual activities. Rumours of wild sexual liasons spread, which eventually led to the undoing of the settlement.  The winery was sold in 1934 and partially burned in the early '90s. It sits in decay and is no longer safe to enter.   VSPI was fortunate to visit the site in Oct/2008. 


--hearing of voices, crying, man shouting,, negative energy, a shadow man

Our Findings After a Visit in Oct/08:

--2 investigators saw a shadow man (tall, dark, wearing a hat), whispering women heard near the windows, and rustling sounds heard throughout the buildings.  Feelings of dread, nervousness , hesitation & as if someone is watching at all times.

Winery - "Shut Up Right Now!"

Sept'06 - EVP of "man shouting" (shut up right now) @ 20 secs

--caught by Lesli Webb, along with another female investigator.  The buildings

were empty 

--not enhanced in any way. this EVP is in its original form

Winery - "Could You Stop Walking Up & Down"

2007 - EVP of a "woman or child" (could you stop walking up & down) @ 5 secs

--caught by Lesli Webb, while she was walking with another investigator towards the buildings. No one else was there

--not enhanced in any way. This EVP is in its original form

Fort Ross Russian Cemetery - Sonoma County, California

-- the Fort Ross colony was founded in 1812 by members of the Russian-American Company, who built it with the help of Alaskan Alutiiq natives.  Ivan Kuskov became the first manager of Fort Ross.

-- in December 1841, the Russian-American Company sold Fort Ross holdings to John Sutter, who sent his trusted assistant John Bidwell to gather up the Ross hardware, cattle, sheep and other animals and transport them to Sacramento Valley, where Sutter had built his own fort.

-- in 1843 William Otto Benitz arrived to manage Fort Ross for Sutter, later acquiring adjacent land & living there until 1867.  He sold the property to James Dixon and Lord Fairfax, who ran a lumber operation until 1872.  George W. Call purchased the land in 1873 until 1973.

-- the cemetery is littered with Russian Orthodox crosses, and has a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean, coastal terraces and densely forested ridges.

-- no claims have been reported, but a visit to Fort Ross (only steps away) prompted a visit to the cemetery.

Findings of Walk Through of Cemetery:

-- 3 EVP clips of a male voice (the same one in each)

-- a peaceful feeling and energy of goodness felt

Fort Ross Cemetery - "Check the Point"

July 27, 2011 - EVP of a "man" (check the point) @ 6 secs

-- there were only 2 people in the cemetery, both women.

-- talk about the view was noted at the time, as there is a point where one can stand and look at the cove below where the Russians would anchor their small boats to bring in supplies.

Fort Ross Cemetery - 2013 "yes"

Dec 30, 2013 - EVP "yes" @ 8 secs. - we returned & asked for the man who spoke with us previously. This was the whispered reply.

Blue Room - "check"

EVP of a voice (check) @ 11 secs - in the Blue Room

Private Residence  -  Lakeville, California

July 25, 2011 - We respect the privacy of the owners, and therefore will not reveal the exact location.  Two investigators spent the night alone & secured the mansion from outside interference.  They gathered the following evidence in EVP format. The study is at the front of the home, therefore "noise reduction" was applied to take out the traffic sounds of the highway nearby. However, no other settings were applied to the EVPs.

History - The home was believed to have been built in 1870's.  A farmer and his family moved in, and census shows that in 1877 he had a wife, 2 children, 2 farm hands & a cook.  It is rumoured that the cook, a young man from China, may have overdosed on Opium and died thereafter in the home.  The existence of the cook has been confirmed via however, further facts are still unknown.  The farmer passed away in 1916.  It is known his children did not take over the home as they left in the early 1900's due to marriage & other positions in life. The home passed hands into a number of people, including an order of monks of Catholic belief who added a small room for prayers.  Additions have been made in the years after the original owner passed on. We are furthering our investigations at this stage to find out more information of the cook's death & other matters.

The mansion has an overall good feeling!  It was a wonderful experience to stay in the house overnight.  We took into account sounds of the house settling in the late evening, the traffic from the nearby highway, the animals in the mornings from neighbouring farms, and the many variety of birds that appeared each morning in the trees surrounding the property.  However, some rooms have a feeling that simply didn't explain away the sounds we captured in our EVPs.  We wanted to show you the best of the collection.  We thank the home owners for this amazing opportunity!

Blue Room - "ooh"

EVP - "ooh" @ 16 secs - Blue Room was empty

Cook's Room - strange sound

EVP - strange sound @  8 secs - empty Cook's Room

Study - Steps + Tap

EVP - steps & tap starts @ 6 secs - empty Study (added noise reduction)

Study - knock thump thump knock

EVP - knock thump thump knock starts @ 10 secs - empty study (added noise reduction)

Study - cry

EVP - cry @ 3 secs - investigators in Study

Upstairs Bathroom - "huhh"

EVP - breath "huhh" @ 11 secs - walk around in upstairs bathroom overlapping investigator, who was feeling a raciness of her heart in that particular room.

July 22, 2012 - Live Online PZTV Team Reunion
4 members of the original Paranormal Zone TV team -- Jessie Garcia, Lesli Webb, Donna Raymond & Norene B., along with the team secretary, Kati (VSPI founder) -- during a live internet paranormal investigation in PZTV founder's private home in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.  PZTV is no longer, however Norene has gone on to new adventures with her show "Do You Believe".  The following is evidence found in EVPs from Kati's digital recorder.  They are the unexplained "knocks" and the "voices" captured were not heard at the time.

PZTV - 3 Knocks + Red Light

3 Knocks & Red Light - Kati, Lesli & Norene are in the Den asking questions when they hear knocks & then see a "red light" in response.

PZTV - "Hey"
PZTV - "Me to, I want to get out of here"

Whispering Voice "Me to I want to get out of here" @ 5 secs - the team is sitting around a table in the kitchen area (home base), discussing paranormal investigations of the past.  Underneath you can hear a woman whispering.  We have enhanced that voice in the EVPS following below.

Male Voice "hey" @ 4 secs - Kati, Lesli & Norene are in the Living Room. Kati invites a male spirit to talk with them. A voice is caught responding, but as she does not hear it, she continues.

PZTV - "Nooooo"

Male Voice "Noooo" @ 1 sec - in the Studio, Donna & Kati are talking about a figure viewers claim to be seeing on the camera. As a sceptic, Kati suggests it may be due to pixalation of the camera lens on its outter edges, where the infrared does not focus. Clearly a man does not agree and responds.

PZTV - "Me to" Close up

Whispering Voice  "Me to" - Close up 1:
This is the beginning of the EVP caught above.  We cleaned up the background with a simple reduction of noise for clarity.

PZTV - "Get Out of Here" Close up

Whispering Voice "Get Out of Here" - Close Up 2:  This is the 2nd part of the EVP caught.  We cleaned up the background with a simple reduction of noise for clarity.

July 25, 2012 - Chanate Historical Cemetery

Two investigators walked this small, once abandoned cemetery found in Santa Rosa, Calif.  A hospital & admin buildings are nearby.  One can hear the constant ambulance sirens; but otherwise, it reflects a peaceful yet sad feeling.  Digital recorders and cameras in hand, they walked through the cemetery.  Wild turkeys wandered throughout and a deer was spotted.  Listen to the EVPs caught in this place of solitude.

Soupcan markers scattered everywhere

Chanate - "No"

Male Voice "no" @ 3 secs - 17 mins into the walk when asked if anyone was here wishing to say hello, there is a response. It was not heard at the time.

Chanate - "Yes"

Female Voice "yes" @ 11 secs - 19 mins into the walk off the path, a soupcan marker was found.  The investigator used the unconventional method of divining rods for yes/no answers. The rods crossed at the same time a voice was found on the recorder, confirming a female was resting there.

The investigators also heard a man's voice talking, but could not make out what he was saying. The sounds of ambulances became too frequent to pull it out of the recordings.  Orange flags scattered everywhere, along with soupcan markers indicating possible gravesites.  A very interesting place that needs to be respected.  For more historical info, please check the website: Chanate Historical Cemetery

July 31, 2012 - Olive Hill Cemetery

During a UFO hunt near midnight, two investigators sat on the edge of a grave site area, after asking for permission & giving respect to the family buried there.  Instead of seeing UFO's they caught these sounds on their digital recorders. EVPS.

Olive Hill - "No"

Man's Voice "no" @ 3 secs - You hear one investigator saying to be cautious; then the other asks if anyone out there was listening to the story she had been telling, and there is a response. It was not heard at the time.

Olive Hill - Footsteps in the Gravel

Footsteps in the Gravel - 2 1/2 hours into the viewing of the sky, footsteps walking up to the investigators were caught on digital recorders. The girls did not hear them at the time, nor had they moved from their spot on the cement slab.

Boot Hill - "We did it"

We Did It - The investigators were remarking on how neatly the rows were created with a nice gap between each marker.

February 16, 2013 - Boot Hill Cemetery (aka BC Penitentiary Cemetery)

This once hidden cemetery in New Westminster contains the remains of approximately 50 inmates who's bodies were never claimed by family and/or friends.  The cemetery was probably in use in 1912, but was not officially opened until 1913, with the last known body interred in 1968.  It was maintained by prison inmates; however, after the prison was demolished, it was left unmarked and overgrown, with the appearance of abandonment.  The federal government ceded the cemetery to the City of New Westminster after the closure of the prison in 1980.  Not many people know of it's whereabouts, and thus it is left almost forgotten.

VSPI wandered respectfully around the plot of land, and picked up some of the best EVPS we've ever had, on our digital recorders.  Below are voices caught that we did not hear at the time.  They appear to be intelligent, remarking to questions and discussions amongst our small group of 3 women. Note: we left the cemetery with a "thank you" & offering of tobacco.

Boot Hill - "Don't they pick up more shit"

Don't They Pick Up More Shit - a voice caught after an investigator remarked how unmaintained the place was after nearly stepping in dog poop.

Boot Hill - "Growl"

Growl @11 secs. We were asking the spirit(s) to effect our EMF meters. This happened after arrival.

Boot Hill - "You should go"

You Should Go @ 1 & 4 secs. An investigator is talking. A voice is heard underneath her & then repeats itself.

Boot Hill - "Can I help you with anything?"

Can I Help You With Anything? - you hear an investigator speak after the whisper. The 3 women were looking around for more grave markers.

Boot Hill - Whisper

Whisper - We are not clear on what it says. Perhaps "this is a paved one"? 2 investigators were talking about the types of inscriptions on the stones & the differences being due to the tools used each year. Can you make it out? Tell us!

Boot Hill - "Breakaway"

Breakaway - While walking around looking at gravemarkers.

Update: June 2016 - access to the cemetery is available to the public. However, it is unmarked and there is hope in the future to finally have the cemetery recgonized as historic. Read this article for more information:

VSPI has taken on the task of researching the convicts who are buried at the cemetery. As we find interesting information to help understand who these men were, we write a blog in our blogspot site about them. We present evidence (newspaper articles, genealogy information and more) to allow us in the telling of their story. We will post a link to each blogspot here, so you can always keep updated and not miss out. If you have any information about a convict buried at the small cemetery, please use our contact form to connect with us. We need your help and truly appreciate anything you can lend to our investigation. You will be acknowledged in our blogs. Thank you! and thank you to those who find this as fascinating as we do:

1)   Meet Convict #1548 - Clarence Thompson

2)   Meet Convict #2370 - John Francis Walsh

3)   Meet Convict #2304 - William Chinley

4)   Meet Convict #1774 - James W Hinds

5)   Meet Convict #1628 - Herman Wilson + #000 - Joseph Smith

6)   Meet Convict #1659 - Y Yoshie

7)   Meet Convict #1884 - Moses Paul

8)   Meet Convict #2516 - Daniel Henrick Urick

9)   Meet Convict #1948 - Unknown Gim

10) Meet Convict #2938 - Reginald John Colpitts
11) Meet Convict #5603 - Stephen Poole
12) Meet Convict #3130 - Harry Davis
13) Meet Convict #2312 - Albert Hill
14) Meet Convict Unknown# - Phillip Hopkins

15) Meet Convict #9720 - Norman Donald Bottineau

16) Meet Convict #2225 - Louie Num

17) Meet Convict #3237 - Harold Gordon McMaster

18) Meet Convict #4234 - Herbert Ross

19) Meet Convict #9693 - W Black

20) Meet Convict #6651 - George Wallace

21) Meet Convict #9511 - Henry Gordon Wichmann

22) Meet Convict #3448 - Frank Wilson

23) Meet Convict #5920 - George Sydney Williams

We are performing research on more convicts, & their stories are coming soon to our Blog, Stay tuned! -- Note: if you have any information to assist us, please contact us!

Thank you..

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