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Today’s world is fast paced, and often we find ourselves stressed and anxious, and may feel alone with our worries.  Your home can carry the same symptoms. It can take on the stress of its previous and present owners/tenants, holding onto this energy through the walls, ceilings and floors.  Keep in mind, if your home is cluttered, shades drawn most days, arguments with others seem to come easy, and you’ve lost the energy to clean up, this may be a sign that negative energy is taking hold.  It’s time to act.

Of course, if you’re moving into a new home, you want to begin fresh and create a sacred space for your family, your pets and yourself; as well as a safe environment.


A “Home Cleansing” is more involved than a “Home Blessing”. It basically is an attempt to remove all negative energy (earthbound spirits, entities, ghosts etc.) from a home, while a blessing is more of a preventative method for negative energy to enter.  Either method can be performed by a religious leader (minister, priest, elder, imam etc.); however, you can typically perform a blessing on your own.

IMPORTANT:  VSPI cannot promise the methods described below will be successful for you.
If you are experiencing extreme and intense negative activity in your home, we advise you talk with your religious leader/priest (pastor, minister, elder etc.) for a spiritual ritual that is specific to such cases; OR contact
VSPI to investigate and help set you on a course towards resolve.  The methods described below are NOT meant for extreme cases, and may kick up more negativity and chaos.

In order for anything to work, you (and those participating) MUST have the intention of removing negative energy and filling the home with love and light.

Due to the Global Pandemic, VSPI will send out Kati only (she wears a mask & washes her hands frequently) to provide an intuitive reading of your home/space/building and with your help, perform the right kind of cleansing or blessing needed. She is extremely experienced and has been very successful in assisting our clients.

Home Blessing:

Below, we have provided a simple blessing that can be performed by you.  It’s wonderful for when you move into a new home, and can also be performed in an older home which simply needs a refreshing.  It can be used by anyone, whether you have a belief in any religion or not.


Materials Needed:
1) Pink Candle representing devotion, love, tenderness, kindness and faith,
2) Friends and Family representing unity, love, friendship, support and caring hearts.


Steps to Take:
1)  Clean and de-clutter your home.
If you’ve just moved in, we suggest organizing boxes you have yet to unpack into the rooms they will belong, and making a clear path to be able to walk around freely.
2)  Invite family and Friends.
It’s always great to have back up, and to have others with you as you bless the home. Get everyone together in a main room, form a circle and hold hands.
3)  Light a Pink Candle.
This will invite all the good elements of love and kindness into your home.
4)  Have Everyone Share a Blessing.
Each person takes a turn to share a blessing/wish for the home and it’s owners/tenants. Make it simple, such as: “I wish good things to come into this home and to all those who dwell here” or “May this home be protected by love and kindness, and be a sacred place for you and your family”. Remember, you can include your pets into the blessings.
5)  Visit each Room.
Carry the pink candle to each room of the house and state your intention, such as “We bless this room and all those whom enter. Please fill it with light, love and peace.”  You can also make it specific to the use of the room.
6)  Burn the Pink Candle.
Place the candle in a central position of the home and let it burn for at least one hour.  It is good to open all east facing windows and doors for this last stage, welcoming the sun’s energy of light, life and love.


You are done!  If you are alone, you can perform this ritual by yourself.

Home Cleansing:

As mentioned above, this method is much more involved, can be difficult to do, and should only be performed in cases where negative energy has been felt and experienced for a period of time.  It may kick up anger if not done correctly.  If you are experiencing extreme activity, we recommend you call a Religious Leader or VSPIWe cannot make promise that this will work, and we stress that all possibilities of the activity are discussed and investigated first.  We have had cases where a spirit needed help, and once we provided it to them, they moved on. The full cleansing wasn’t needed, and a simple smudging of the home helped lift the sadness and darkness.  Our team has practice in this area, and as we offer our services without a fee, we truly believe contacting us to research and provide some insight may be all you need.


We understand that some people will go ahead and do a cleansing regardless of the warning.  Therefore, we’d rather help provide one that has been successful, than searching the internet and causing confusion with all that is available.


Materials needed:
1)  Smudging Sticks - represents air, (white sage or cedar is recommended; however, each region has it’s own suggestions of the type to use. Check with your local native tribe.) to aid in clearing negative energy,
2)  Clay or Stone Bowl - represents earth, to catch embers and ash from the smudging sticks (or Abalone shell - represents ocean/sea),
3)  Extra Virgin Olive Oil - represents purity, in a small glass to anoint the doorways, entrances & exits to the home,
4)  Sea Salt (minimal processed salt) - represents earth, in a small bowl to assist in clearing negative energy,
5)  White Candle - represents fire, truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality,
6)  Pink Candle - represents fire, devotion, love, tenderness, kindness and faith,
7)  And if available:  Protective Amulet, Talisman or Totem or a crystal/stone (recommended Black Tourmaline)  to absorb negative energy.  Wear it. This represents truth, protection and 

8)  "Holy Water" - represents water, you may use this; however, if you do not follow any religion we can suggest "Pagan Holy Water".  This is not necessary, but it is an extra step to cleansing, protection and blessing.  Holy Water is normally sanctified by a Priest, so you'd have to ask your church for a small container. You won't need much.


How to make "Pagan Holy Water".
Spring water is for blessing and cleansing.  Collect and store the water in a non-metal container.  You may leave it out to absorb sunlight, moonlight or starlight to help strengthen its purpose.

Place a piece of silver into the bowl.  It could be a coin, ring or any silver item.  Be sure it is made of silver metal.

Recite a sacred charm, spoken like a chant:  "Water and earth / Where you are cast / No spell or adverse purpose last / Not in complete accord with me / As my word, so mote it be!"

Your water is ready to use. You may retrieve your silver.


First – Ground and Cleanse Yourself (and those participating) before you begin.

We recommend going outside of the home, away from the negativity, to work this step.

You can perform either of the following steps.:
Smudging – light a smudge stick.  Once the fire dies down and creates a smoke, take your hands and wash the smoke over your face, and then down your body. You can say a prayer or chant at this stage, asking for: cleansing of negativity, bringing in of good influences and protection from your ancestors, angels, guides, God(s) etc. (see below.)

White Light – if you are more than one, stand in a circle. You may hold hands to create an energy circle, but it is not needed. Close your eyes and focus on your intent to remove bad energy and bring in good energy. If one of you chooses to speak to the group and lead everyone through the steps, that is great... or simply do this in silence. Focus on your breathing. Imagine negative energy being pushed down your body, through your legs, your feet and into the ground. Now you want to bring in the healing good energy.  We often tilt our head up towards the sky, and the heavens above for this... it’s up to you. Call upon the heavens (or what/whomever you believe in) to reach down and fill your body with warmth, bright white light, love, faith and goodness. Imagine this white light flowing down into your body, from your head, over your shoulders, down your chest, past your waist, hips, thighs, and knees and flowing through to your feet. Now anchor it to the ground. Your body should now be protected in a white light bubble.

-->  Use a simple prayer to help you with both these steps... but if you cannot find one, here is our suggestion: "I call on the Universe, the Creator (substitute this with the name of your God or faith), our Ancestors, Protectors and Angels to remove any negativity and darkness, and ask that you bless me and everyone in this circle.  Thank you (Amen)."


Next – Prepare the Home.
Go through the house to open all doors (closets included), and all drawers of cabinets, dressers, cupboards, shelving units etc.  You may open the windows or, open them after the cleansing ritual.  Be sure to have everything open, even the attic (if there is one) so that every corner of the home will be reached.  Remember, you want to keep your intentions focused on cleansing and blessing.


If you have chosen prayers from a “holy” book or a mantra to chant, etc., please use them as you walk through each room. If not, we suggest the following prayers.  Fashion them to your own belief:
1st -> As you enter each room:
“In the name of The Creator, I cast out any negative energy in this house.  You are no longer welcome and no longer allowed to remain here.  In The Creator’s name I pray.  (Amen.)”
2nd -> As you work each room, prior to leaving:O Great Creator, I ask that you fill this sacred space with white light, love, positivity, prosperity, good health and happiness.  May no negative energy or entities reside here. They are banished from entering. (Amen.)”
If someone is leading the group (this should be the main homeowner and/or tenant), they should read each prayer first with everyone repeating.


Begin – Work from the Top of the Home to the Bottom, ending at the Front Door.
If you are not alone, then I suggest two of you take the lead. The others should repeat the prayers while standing in the middle of each room.  Remember, say the prayers with meaning! You may find yourself getting louder as you go from room to room. This is normal. Keep the intention going!
Perform each step below with each pass through the house, or you can perform two at the same time, if you are two or more people:

Smudge -> light the smudge stick and allow the flame to burn out, causing smoke to waft from it. Take a feather, or use your hands, and ensure each room is filled with this smoke. Every corner, closet, under the beds, desks, dressers, shelving units etc. All corners and nooks should be touched by the smoke. It doesn’t have to be heavy smoke, as long as it reaches every area of the room(s). As you smudge, say the 2nd prayer. Ensure everyone repeats it with meaning.
White Candle ->  as you work each room, go to the centre of each room while holding the lit candle.  If you are more than one, perhaps give this task to someone while the other is smudging.  Either way, the candle brings good energy.. don’t miss this step!  Gently blow it out only after the final prayer.
Anoint with Oil -> anoint each window & doorway with oil.  Dip your thumb into the oil and make a sign of the cross above each window and doorway of each room.
Salt ->  sprinkle a little bit of sea salt into the four corners of each room.  You can also draw a line (not too thick) at each window and in the doorway to the room as you leave.  This should not be vacuumed for a few days, as it seals the room from negative energy entering.  It can always be refreshed if needed after vacuuming.

Holy/Pagan Water -> sprinkle a little into each area of the room.  It is not necessary to douse the room, just a little sprinkle will do. Remember it is in the belief that it will cleanse which makes it work.


Next – Meet in the Main Room of the Home.
Now that you’ve completed the steps above, you are ready for one final prayer.  Again, if you are not alone, read the prayer first and then follow it with everyone repeating it.  For this, you can say any prayer/chant (ie: the Lord’s Prayer) which fits your faith/belief.  It is meant as a final call to your God(s) or beliefs, your submission to them and request to cleanse the home and yourself, as well as protection going forward for all who dwell in the home and visit it.  Be sure to include your pets.  If you do not have a prayer, you may use the following prayer we have created to cover all beliefs and faiths.  Place the White Candle, which you have been taking from room to room, in the centre of your circle.:

O Great Creator
(substitute: God, Lord, Universal Spirit, Ancestors, Power of Love etc.), I bow before you, and ask for you to enter my home, my family, my pets and my life.  Cover me with your love, kindness, forgiveness, and white light of protection.  Cover my home, my family and my pets with this same care.
Help me to drive the negativity out of this sacred space and to cleanse it from all harm.
I make a solemn promise today that going forward I will not allow hate, envy, nor bitterness against anyone, to enter my soul, mind, spirit, nor this home.  I will love them with the love The Creator
(substitute your faith here) has gifted upon me.  I will look to positivity, prosperity and light to fill my days and nights, my heart and soul, and every room within this home, and every person that enters here.
I ask that you help me to walk forward with strength, power, faith and protection.  I ask that you lock out all negativity from my life and my home.  Help to protect me and my sacred space from all worries, fear and negativity.  Today I claim victory against all forces of darkness, negativity and evil.  It has no place in this home nor within myself.  Help me to cast it out, to show it the door, and to lock that door so it may never enter.
O Great Creator, open my eyes and grant me the strength, grace and wisdom to remove all sin or weight that prevents positivity and peace.  Work in me to cleanse me from all ground that would give negativity a foothold against me.  I claim in every way the victory of The Creator over all negative forces in my life and in my sacred space.  I pray, in the name of the Great Creator, the Heavenly Universe and the Goodness of all Angels and Protectors with Thanksgiving, and I welcome all positive power to enter my body, my soul, and my home.
Thank you for gifting me Your Strength! Thank you for Blessing and Cleansing my sacred space!


Closing – Light a Pink Candle.
You should begin to feel light and joy take over.  You can now close your windows (or open them if you’ve left them closed during the ritual, and close them after the rooms have cleared), as your place should be well aired from all negative energy.
Light a Pink Candle in the centre of your sacred space.  Whether it’s in your kitchen, living space, or bedroom; it doesn’t matter, as long as it is some place you enjoy the most.  The candle will bring love, friendship, and faith into your home.  Let it burn at least one hour.


Repeat the methods as often as you feel it is needed.  However, if you feel it is not your home that is the cause of negativity, perhaps you would like to check out our suggestions on Self-Cleansing.  Taking care of yourself is extremely important!  If you are feeling out of the norm, and something isn't quite right, talking to a professional is recommended.  Cleansing oneself is an extra step in protection, and can work only if you "believe" in the process.

Remember, a cluttered home often welcomes negativity; therefore, do your best in keeping your place organized, and free from belongings, toys, books, clothes, and dirty dishes etc. piling up.  Make it a game with the family.  Offer a treat for anyone (especially children) who completes their task on a regular basis.  It only gets more difficult if you let it go and do not tackle it immediately.  Ask for help if you are struggling with this.  Good friends and family will step forward.  It is never something to be ashamed about.  We all carry struggles in life.


Let us know how you did!  Again, we stress that if there is darker negative energy in your home, contact us first, that we may help determine what is going on and how to best cleanse the home.


If you require assistance with any of the methods described above, we will organize a blessing/cleansing with you to fit your beliefs and your needs.  You, your family and your home are very important!

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