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There are many ways to protect oneself while on a paranormal investigation; some are religious and others are not. It is up to you to make the decision as to what you and your group will feel works best. Believing in the method and in the protection is of utmost importance. Otherwise, it simply will not work.

Note:  This section is not on how to "clear" a home/dwelling of negative energy.  We may offer suggestions, but we caution against using them as a full proof method.  If you are looking for someone to help with this, ensure this person(s) has been recommended and not someone without references, and/or call an ordained priest or minister to offer a blessing. -- If you're having difficulty finding someone, contact VSPI (your Vancouver paranormal investigations team) & we'll find someone for you.


Prayer - it doesn't hurt to start off holding hands in a circle and reciting a prayer that works for you and your team.  Often you hear about people surrounding themselves with "white light" (we'll talk about that further on); in this case, you use the power of God & the Lord to protect you.  If you do not have a particular prayer in mind, you can say the "Our Father" prayer or a Psalm from the Bible.  Be sure to ask God to send "His" angelic protection in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, so as to disclude the fallen angel of Satan.  Again, belief in what you pray is important!


Sea Salt - there are different theories about salt and it's powers, but it is believed to have curing, restoring and cleansing properties that may drive away negative energy.  It is also believed that as sea salt is not processed like table salt, it is a better choice.  Some believe the crystalline substance may receive spirit energy and hold off certain vibrations of negativity.  Regardless, I have found it to be quite useful in many situations; therefore I shall share some ways to use it:

A)  rub it on your antiques, or purchases from a known haunted shop, to remove negative energy.  Best way to do this is simply sprinkle a little bit into a zip lock bag and put your item in it.  Seal & shake.  A little goes a long way.

B)  put a couple of tablespoons into a spray/misting bottle filled with water.  Before walking out of your home, spray infront of you and walk through the mist.  I have brought it along to investigations & used it prior to entering a haunted site, as well as when I leave the site.

C)  add some to your laundry rinse cycle.  A good handful will do.  When I come home from an investigation I recommend you discard all your clothes, put them in the laundry basket immediately for a wash the next day or that evening, and take a shower.  A shower will rinse the negative energy from your body. I recommend it with every investigation and/or visit to a "haunted" place or cemetery.

D)  use as a sea salt bath for your crystals.  Mix one teaspoon salt to one gallon (3.7 liters) water.  Dip 3 times into the solution, rinse thoroughly & immediately under cold running water, and dry under full sun light.

Remember:  Dispose of your used sea salt by taking it away from where you live (not down the drain or out in your garden).  I recommend you pour it down a sewer or storm drain.  This ensures any negative energy is off your property.

Note: a friend recommended a mixture of Sea Salt from the Dead Sea & Cumin as very effective.


White Light - we can all use this and therefore, I suggest you teach your entire team how to use this method.  It is best for teams that are of people with various beliefs.  You can add a non-religious prayer.  White light is positive energy that is not only for protection, it also helps you focus.  It may sound simple, but for some of us it may take some practice to visualize it.  I suggest you try it at home before you go out on an investigation.  White light is incredibly bright but we are able to look into it.  If you have trouble visualizing the light, try this:

Find a spot where you can have some privacy.  Bring a candle, match (or lighter) and ensure you have access to a blank wall.  I like to sit on the floor.  You may wish to sit at a table facing the wall.  Light your candle and focus on the flame; the hottest part at the base of the wick.  Then shift your gaze to the wall and imagine that flame as a white light spotl.  Go back to the candle and try again.  It took me many attempts before I could hold the white light on the wall.  Once accomplished, you can imagine making that light grow in size (not in brightness).  Repeat this process until you can do it by closing your eyes and imagining it.

At a paranormal investigation, gather your group together.  Hold hands in a circle, have everyone close their eyes and imagine the bright light forming above their head.  Then ask them to bring that white light down through the body, along their shoulders, chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs etc. until they reach their toes.  The white light energy pushes any negative forces into the earth & leaves the body refreshed.

Another method is to imagine the light as a ball of energy in your hand and you make it grow to encompass your entire body, and then your team.  Either method works.  You can play with a way that feels good for you and your team.  Use a prayer made for everyone.  Something simple.  For example:

"Spirits of goodness, the earth, and the heavens above.  Please circle us with your bright white light and protect us from any negativity in this home.  Keep us safe, and only allow good energy to draw close.  Thank you."


Smudging & Smudge in Spray - these days you can find nearly anything in "spray" form, rather than burning herbs etc. to clear a place, or person, of negative energy.  It is not used for spraying on yourself, but rather into the air.  See the following suggestions of how to use spray or smudge.  Remember there are a variety of herbs/trees/flowers you can use for protection that may work just as well. Speak out loud with your intention to remove negative energy & replace it with positive.

Spray & Pray to replace it with "love, light and well-being".  Look for a spray with a variety of blends, especially those that include: sage, sweetgrass, cedar.

Sage < White sage appears to be the most popular.  Native people all over the world use sage to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and to keep negative energy from entering a place of ceremony.  Either use your spray bottle, or light a smudge stick (light using a candle or match, and gently blow out the flame so the stick smokes. Ensure you have a ceramic bowl, or abalone shell, to hold underneath as you walk around to catch the ash & cinders) and walk around waving the stick or use your spray/mist, at the perimeters of each room. Keep the windows closed for at least an hour during and after.  Start at the top of a home and follow through to the bottom, ending at the front door to push all negativity out.  You can smudge those around you by taking the smoke in their hands and rubbing their bodies with it; or spray the mist for those to walk through.

Sweetgrass < also known as Seneca grass, Holy grass or Vanilla grass.  It is normally braided in bunches, lit, then waving it in the air to fill the room with its smoke.  This is normally done after Sage or Cedar is  used, as it brings in the good spirits and good influences.

Cedar < Junipers, Western Red Cedar or California Cedar are popular in using to bless a home by waving the branches in the air, or burning it for purification, driving out negative energy and bringing in good influences.  Burn much the same way as the sage.

To do a smudging ceremony, burn the clippings of these herbs (dried), rub your hands in the smoke, and then gather the smoke and bring it into your body, or - rub it onto yourself; especially onto any area you feel needs spiritual healing. Keep praying all the while that the unseen powers of the plant will cleanse your spirit. Sometimes, one person will smudge another, or a group of people, using hands - or a feather - to lightly brush the smoke over the other person(s).

You can look for these items/herbs etc. at a crystal store, herbal healing place, local gardener or simply email us via our "Contact" page, tell us where you are and we'll help you find a place in your area.


Crystals & Gemstones -  also known as "guard stones", keeping these on your person during an investigation for additional protection is suggested.  There are so many different types, therefore, we recommend you read up on them or talk to your local crystal store manager.  Suggested stones for protection: amethyst, black tourmaline, malachite, obsidian or turquoise.

Remember: it's very important to cleanse each object after each use (see Sea Salt section).

To cleanse, charge & activate your crystal/stone:

A)  hold under running water (in your sink), or smudge it with sage.

B)  picture white light surrounding your stone; or sit it in full sunlight on a window ledge (preferrably indoors so the birds don't get at it); or put it on the ledge under full moonlight the entire night; or, ask your angels to protect it.

C)  hold your stone and tell it what to do.  You want it to "disperse & absorb negative energy".

A Tip -  do not store your crystals & stones in the same cloth, as it will absorb the properties of the other. wrap them seperately for storing.

Caution - Prolonged exposure to sea salt will corode metal.


Amulets, Talisman & Totems -  these items can  be used as protection against negative energy.  Some people use a cross, rosary, saint's medal or something similar.  Ensure your rosary and medals are blessed by a minister or ordained pastor or priest.

Amulet - an item (ie: stone, crystal, piece of wood, gem, shell etc) left in it's natural state.  Direct your thoughts and feelings toward it as you wear it to energize it, as it picks up on your emotions.

Talisman - an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. To energize, concentrate your thoughts on it, then hold it against your heart or on your forehead while visualizing the energy of your aspiration soaking into it.

Totems - any natural or mythical animal to whom you feel a close connection during your life or some particular period of your life.  They warn you of danger through dreams & visions, heal your body and bring you strength. You can wear symbols of your totem on your body, clothing or in your pocket.

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