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Privacy & Confidentiality Policy:


"VSPI respects your right to privacy and confidentiality; therefore, all of your personal information supplied to VSPI will be kept confidential.

VSPI may use some, or all, information and evidence collected during an investigation for possible inclusion in their website and/or other media considerations.  This includes information gathered through research, email contact, interviews, and other means of investigating.


As a client of VSPI, you will be given the choice of the level of confidentiality requested:

VSPI may release information providing the identity of witnesses and clients are hidden, and the address of the location is excluded.

VSPI may release any/all information and evidence collected during the investigation.

VSPI may NOT release any information and/or evidence collected during the investigation."

Liability Release Form:
Find below the VSPI release form clients sign before any investigation commences of the property in question.

"I, __________________________, authorize access to VSPI and affiliated person(s) to the location at

________________________________________________. I authorize VSPI to conduct an investigation into alleged paranormal activity, as well as gather field research of this location.


The investigation process has been explained to me and I give VSPI permission to conduct an investigation at this location on the date of: _________________________.


VSPI releases the owner/tenant(s) of the location from any liability for injuries and/or damages incurred during the investigation to its personnel and/or equipment.

VSPI assumes responsibility for any damages to the property during the investigation that result from actions performed by its personnel and/or equipment that was not approved verbally or in writing by the signing authority named above.


Owner(s)/Tenant(s) __________________________________         Date_____________


VSPI ______________________________________________        Date_____________"



Terms of Use of VSPI's Website:

1)  This site contains links to other sites. VSPI ( is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.

2)  All content on the VSPI website, including the Blogs, photos & content posted in Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot, is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced without the expressed written permission of VSPI (

3)  To gain permission to use any of VSPI's content, please email us @ to express your interest, reason for use of material and provide information about yourself (including the company/program you represent and your title).  VSPI takes your request seriously and may provide you with a Permission Document after considering your request.


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Photo: Grey Whale Inn, Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, Northern California

VSPI visited and stayed for 2 nights at this amazing Inn. It dates back to 1915 when it was a hospital (until 1971). We'll post a link to our blog once it's up. Keep posted! (Jan.04/2018)

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