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Katzie First Nation are the first peoples of the area. Read about their history! : History of the Katzie People

Lougheed Highway was built through Pitt Meadows approximately 1931c and began as a two lane graded dirt road. At the time, only a few cars used it compared to todays traffic of more than tens of thousands. It separated some farm land in the area. The highway was finally completed in 1951, yet it first appears on a map in 1941.


Pitt Meadows Museum & Archives (12294 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows, B.C. :

VSPI reached out to the Pitt Meadows Museum & Archives team, and corresponded with Leslie. She was extremely helpful in finding information for the area. Without performing a historical title search for the property, we could not gain definitive answers. However, the Museum had a hand drawn map done by a Master's Student in the 1970s, which indicated the land was origionally owned by one of two people. It was hard to tell as the boundaries are not clear.

Either a H.P.P. Crease who took the pre-emption before 1893 but never lived on it and held it for speculation/resale, or a Cunningham and Morton, who did the same thing.

"History books indicate a Robert Sharpe took the land in the area (@ McMyn & Harris) a few years after he arrived in 1895. He had a good sized farm, so it likley went as far as the present location of Roosters, but from our documents I cannot be sure. While the history book refers to him taking land in this area, he does not show up in the maps the Master's student did, which may mean he did not acquire it until after 1905 (the dates the student worked with)" wrote Leslie.

The assessment records at the City from before 1900s do not exist.


Research Notes :

--> Present building was built in 1990 (according to BC Assessment)

--> Farm land prior to 1990, strong possibility was owned by the Sharpe family and sold to developer's. Maps (see for historical maps) show the area was empty of any buildings.

--> Not known is what the building from 1990 to 1996 was used for.

--> Roosters was established in 1996.


Sharpe Family :

Robert Sharpe, his wife Catherine and the first 5 of their 8 children arrived in Pitt Meadows by train in 1895. They purchased their land outright, making them the first "purchasers" of land in the area. Share Road (north of Dewdney Trunk) is named for the family.

1901 Census of Canada (obtained via :

Robert Sharpe was born June 09, 1854 in either Iowa or Ohio, and died March 22, 1937 and is buried in the Maple Ridge Cemetery. He was of Irish origin, and his religion is noted as Church of England, while his occupation is Farmer.

Catherine Sharpe, known as Kate, was born March 19, 1854 in Minnesota (nee Bessner or Bessemer). She passed on from Diabetes at the age of 64 on March 14, 1924. She is buried in the Maple Ridge Cemetery. She was of German origin.

The records show they had 7 children in 1901: John J (born 1887), Pearl (born 1886), Eugene (born 1888), Isabel (born 1891), Viola (born 1893), Robert (born 1898) and Charles (born 1900).

Source Citation: Year: 1901; Census Place: Dewdney, New Westminster, British Columbia; Page: 7; Family No: 58
Source Information: 1901 Census of Canada [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.


Today, Rooster's Country Cabaret is described as a hopping country bar with a large dance floor, pool tables and mechanical bull which offers not only drinks but pub grub, as well as weekly entertainment and fun events. It is situated at #4-19040 Lougheed Highway, in Pitt Meadows, B.C. It is a popular night spot for the area.

Website: Roosters Country Cabaret

Facebook Page: Roosters


You would not think this place has a history, nor a "haunting".. but it does. According to the staff, strange occurences have happened at the cabaret.

And so, VSPI was invited into the cabaret in the wee hours of February 15, 2016 to investigate the claims. Here is an account of our experience, the evidence & the research performed:

We recommend you wear headphones when watching/listening to all our evidence videos posted to this page. Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Paul Kingsbury - VSPI meeting (Feb.15/2016) in the Parking Lot outside of the Cabaret before the investigation begins.

Property map courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Paul Kingsbury: Taken on Feb.15, 2016 in the wee hours, VSPI discusses plans on how to move forward with the investigation: techniques, equipment, areas to concentrate on etc.

VSPI Photo: Taken on Feb.15, 2016 in the early morning hours using UV Filter camera, allowing us to see in the UV Light spectrum, something our eyes cannot see. This is the dance cage where a male figure has been seen. The Casa Bar is in the background (right).

1) A Male Figure has been seen in a dance cage and on a small stage of the bar. The staff believes he is the cause of fun pranks, such as bar stools falling, things moving around, disappearances of items just to reappear elsewhere when the bar is closed. His description has everyone believing he is the spirit of a young man who died in May 2003 just outside the bar on the highway, after being struck down by a speeding vehicle as he was crossing the busy street.

***A sensitive described him to have "reddish brown" hair, wearing something plaid, loves to laugh, and likes the ladies. While another said he is enjoying watching people and pranking everyone.***

Research revealed the death of Derek Matty on May 03, 2003 just outside the bar on Lougheed Hwy by a passing speeding car. He had run out onto the street after an altercation with bouncers inside the bar, in the rain, and was run down while trying to cross the highway. No criminal charges were laid. The young man was described as passionate, full of laughter and joy, living life to the fullest, and could turn most ordinary days into an adventure.

News stories: Vancouver Sun - May06/2003 Page B3 & June 10/2003 Page 4, The News - Sep.23/2010 Page 1.


2) A young female spirit is believed to hang out near the Casa Bar area, around the pool tables, and sometimes on the thin balcony above the area. She makes herself known through whispers, shouting, and strong feelings of sadness. ***Two sensitives have described her with wavy hair, in her early 20's and extremely upset about something. One suggested her name begins with an "A" and said it was probably "Amanda".***

Research found a young lady with the same name, not quite 20 years young, was killed in a vehicle accident in 2010. After a night out at Rooster's, on the drive home, the driver made a sharp lane change on the Highway and crashed into a pole. Amanda was pronounced dead at the scene. There is much sadness to this story.

News story: The News-July16/2013

Note:  A week after VSPI's investigation, a team member received a message via a visit from a "presence" one evening, while home alone. It was felt to be a young woman connected to the bar, who said, "It's OK. I forgive him." Was this Amanda reaching out and the reason she may have been visiting the bar? We may never know.

3) A second male figure is believed to be hanging out in the Ladies Washroom, causing unsettling feelings from some patrons, as if he is "enjoying" watching the ladies. He has been seen.

***Two sensitives stated this young man seems to be running or hiding from someone or something, while one described him as wearing a "wet" looking leather style jacket, and keeps hearing a name "Aaron" or "Erin". She even went on to say he perhaps did something "bad" and may be hiding out from those chasing him. The other mentioned he was "proud" of a Camaro he owned, and that his name began with a "Br" sound.***

Research found several murders in the area since 2008. Two of which have a "Br" sounding name: Brandon Howson (26 yrs young, murdered Jan 2012, found in a cranberry field face down, a car enthusiast) and Ian Bruce Richards (23 yrs young, murdered Dec 2008, shot before his body was dumped in a ditch, a young father). The 3rd tragic murder on Jan. 29, 2008 was of Justin Aaron Yusko (28 yrs young, stabbed, found on side of a road, died later in hospital).

News stories: The News-Feb.02/2012

& Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times-Feb.05/2008

& Maple Ridge Times / Tri-Cities Now - Dec.03/2013

4) A Doorman outside welcomes people into the bar. He has been felt standing near the front doorway, inside and outside.

***A sensitive describes him as a tall, dapper, and friendly young man. As we were investigating the area, the sensitive advised he was saying "come on inside!" She felt he was a good spirit.***

Research revealed the death of a past bouncer/doorman, 29 years young, Calvin Sawyer, in Jan 2012. Calvin "brought light to all he knew and touched many hearts".

5) A Biker Fellow frequents the balcony railing above the pool table area. He has been seen looking down on people below and simply watching. The bar staff believe he may be a patron who visited regularly known as "Floyd", who was found deceased by his sister on June 26, 2009 in his home.

***A sensitive says he is a "solo" type of person, doesn't like to be bothered, prefers to just watch, is heavy set but not overweight, probably in his 50's, and of a kind, gentle soul.***

Research could not locate this person without more information. Several Floyds' passed away in B.C. in 2009, and none seemed to match the description of the "biker", and all were 80+ years of age.

VSPI does not state any of the research results proves the "spirits" of Roosters are those mentioned; and sends deepest condolences to the families and friends. If for any reason, we have offended anyone, please accept our apologies.

For further information or contact with the team, please use our Contact Page.

Research materials were found as per our sources at the bottom of this page. With sincerity and thanks, VSPI Team.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15, 2016. The team was setting up & caught a stool fall on camera. Watch carefully. It appears to have been pushed at 12 seconds, then sits still until approximately 16 seconds, when it appears to be pushed again, thus falling over. Is this the work of the prankster? Or is it simply gravity? The stool was reset but it didn't occur again.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15, 2016 (date on video was not set). In the pool tables area, a voice is caught (at 6 seconds "Hey") while the team investigates the upstairs balcony area where a "biker" has been spotted watching people below. The voice sounds female.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15, 2016 (date on video was not set). The team is in the Ladies Washroom. Reports have been that customers get feelings of being watched and have described a young man appearing to them.​ --> At 23 seconds a voice is heard. "No" It is not that of the investigators.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15,2016 (date on video was not set). The team is investigating the balcony area. A loud crack is heard (at 13 seconds) as if someone is walking towards them, but no one is there.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15, 2016 (date on video was not set). The team is up in the balcony area. Seconds after the big bang (see video above), a voice is caught on camera saying "Go" (at 2 seconds).

After the Investigation (Feb.15, 2016 - 4 a.m.) :

The owner, Kevin Clarkson, had requested VSPI perform a cleanse of the cabaret. Although we did not feel the "spirits" in visitation or residing at the bar to be of negative nature, we believe that any space frequented by large groups of people will absorb energy left behind from the gatherings. This means both "negative" and "postive" energy may be found in the floors, walls, tables, chairs etc. Thus, as a tool to help remove "negative" energy from the space, we used a White Sage + Cedar mix for smudging, while reciting a prayer combining Native beliefs and Christian beliefs. This, we hope, would speak to all energy occupying the cabaret. The team walked the entire space of the bar, washrooms, offices, closets, kitchen (etc.), smudging every corner, nook and cranny. We feel this may have helped; however, we cannot promise it to be full proof. The intent and belief to remove negative energy was real.

VSPI Video: Shot on Feb.15, 2016 (date on video was not set). The team was wrapping up their investigation and announced a "cleansing" would be performed to rid the space of negative energy. A voice responds (at 11 seconds) when it is stated that as long as they are of "good intention" it should not worry them (the spirits).

VSPI Thanks:

*Pitt Meadows Museum & Archives team for their helpful research;

*Kevin Clarkson & the Roosters Country Cabaret crew for welcoming the team, sharing their accounts, and providing us with unlimited access;

*Paul Kingbury for his fantastic photography.

If you plan to visit the Cabaret, let them know you read our page & would love to hear more about their experiences. Give the staff & the spirits a big "hello" from VSPI. Let us know if you have any experiences of your own. We'd love to hear about it! Cheers!

Your friends at VSPI...

Photo Courtesy of Paul Kingsbury - VSPI performing a "cleansing" of the cabaret by using smudging techniques and a prayer that speaks to Native & Christian beliefs.

Research Sources:,,, various online newspapers (, Abbotsford Times, The Vancouver Sun, Maple Ridge News, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times, Maple Ridge Times|Tri-Cities Now), obituary sites, Pitt Meadows Museum & Historical Society,, The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver (Chuck Davis - 2011), and Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley (Derek Hayes - 2005).

Photos: a collection courtesy of Paul Kingsbury, and VSPI Photos by Kati Ackermann || VSPI Videos: John Mallory & Kati Ackermann

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